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More about our services


We aim to provide our clients with the best possible approach all the way from valuations to marketing and the sale. We look at other properties in the area that have sold in the last 12 months, we take into consideration the location, accessibility and any new developments in the area that would impact the price. We also consider the current market state and any government regulation changes or amendments. We also look closely at the current condition of the property as that would be a major factor when it comes to valuation.

Obtaining a correct valuation in the first instance can mean the difference between your property selling successfully or siting on the market. We don’t want to undervalue your property but neither do we want to overvalue.


When selling your home through us, we assign you with a personal client manager. The person that handles your call from the sales department will stick with you throughout the process until completion. They will be in constant contact with you advising you on the progress and if the property is not moving they will advice you if the price needs to be re-evaluated.


When it comes to marketing your property we aim to make it easy for buyers to find your home by utilising as much social media as we can. We also actively approach our database of active buyers to see if your property can be moved internally. Our marketing process begins with one of our agents visiting your property a day before the photographs are taken and advising you on how to have each room set up. They may ask you to remove extra clutter as this reflects negatively on the property. Buyers want to see a clean and tidy property where rooms are not overcrowded as overcrowded rooms may seem smaller. The next day our photographer will come and start by taking between 50-60 photographs from which we select the best pictures. We then enhance these pictures to really show what your property is like.

This is supported by floor plans and an EPC which is required when selling or letting a property. The floor plans help the buyer to understand dimensions and sizes more clearly and it is said that floorplans can help by up to 70% when selling a property.

After we have all the materials ready we upload your property on our website, property portals such as Zoopla as well as social media and other property searches such as The Times, The Sunday Times, The Independent and many other popular websites.

Depending on the property and the agreement in place, we can also create a bespoke brochure which we pass on to our clients and network of buying agents who always have clients ready to move. In addition, we organise an open house event and invite clients to come and see your home. We know this method is fairly new in the UK but it does help sell a home faster as we only invite a targeted audience that can potentially make offers or purchase the property whilst they are at the open house.

In addition, our marketing department produce property editorials to feature in the local newspaper, on our blog and in our newsletter which help a property to stand out from the crowd. Social media provides more opportunities to be involved with the promotion of your home, we can post your property to like and share, or promote it to a targeted audience.